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Chapel at Maitland Pres

At Maitland Pres, the campus is full of preschool aged children playing on the playground and learning in their classrooms. From the moment they enter the church campus, they are invited to explore, to grow and to experience the love of this church. Over the past few years, the relationship between the church and the preschool has deepened. Chapel for the students is now held every week, and the teachings from chapel are included in the preschool newsletter. We can't wait to see all their smiling faces once campus opens back up!

Preschool students and teachers know the church staff and encourage one another. Preschool Sunday offers an opportunity for the children to meet the congregation and for their parents to be prayed for by the church. Susie Stull, Preschool Director, and Kristi Snelson, Associate Director, have not only grown the preschool and strengthened its programs, but they have intentionally built into the work of the church as a whole.

Through their work and the commitment of their amazing teachers, Maitland Presbyterian Preschool is not only one of the best preschool programs in our area, but has become integrated into our church community. Thank you Kristi and Susie for loving like Jesus in your ministry here at Maitland Pres!



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