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Prayer Requests

Updated: 1 day ago

Join us in praying for members of our congregation, friends, and the community.

This list is updated as we receive new information. Please contact Megan and Dave Collins, 407-463-2926 or for additions or any changes.

Please pray for church members: The families and friends of Jon Bolander and Kay Ellis as they grieve, Jayne Marlowe, Frances Williamson, Lisa Aldrich, Hugh and Trish Miller, Gail Fisher, Lynn Wood, Helen Lamont, Marcus Frutchey IV, Carol Card, Arlen and Bill Rencher, Mike Joiner, Gladys Massett, Lou and Margaret Bauerle, Richard Buzlea, Bev Snyder, Josh Mayton, John and Eunice Hopkins.

Also pray for friends and family members: Don Claus (son-in-law of Susie MacFarland), Bo and Michele (family of Linda Bollinger), Betty Perry (mother of Tracy Perry), Christopher Driscoll, Dave Badgley (brother of Jan Kiser), Jeanie (friend of Jeffry & Sharyn Jontz), the families of Walter and Georgette as they grieve (family and friends of Hugh and Trish Miller), Sindy Levine (friend of Brenda Tompkins), Vic and Elise Hastings (son and daughter-in-law to Fred and Betty Hastings), Carole Scarlett, Pastor Larry Selig, Jeff Hudson (friend of Jim Robinson), Mateo (grandson of John Sullivan), Owen Shepherd (grandson of Diana Gallagher), Harold Linnerud (friend of Bill and Sheila Oelfke), Stacy McCrady (daughter of Ben Zimmerman), Pam Lloyd (sister of Leo Roumpz), Cornelia Hollifield (mother of Dana Adkinson), Joy Mettam (sister of Mike Rusnak), Travis Rotti (friend of Tracy Perry), and Sally Machalek (friend of Jim Wilson).


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Anna Raymond
Anna Raymond
07 พ.ค.

Please pray for my daughter. She is 5 years old. But she still doesn't talk like usually kids talk her age. She can't go to school because she doesn't talk yet. She can't ask question and answer questions no dialogue with her. She doesn't respond if I tell her bring me book or smth else. Please pray for her.

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