Prayer Requests

Updated: 1 day ago

Join us in praying for members of our congregation and community. This list is updated frequently as we receive more information.

Please pray for Jim Knutson, Bev Snyder,Sonia (a Mahjong student at the church) as she battles cancer, for the health of Christopher (friend of Jeffry & Sharyn Jontz), Eunice and John Hopkins, Mike Joiner, Betty Kimbrel and her son Eric, Dan Stebbins, Dotti Poole, Pat Schaper, Richard Gallagher, June Evans, Linda Seward, Julie Baucom, Jean Pointer, Margaret and Lou Bauerle, Charlie Scott, Rick Ervin, Josh Mayton, Eliza, Sue Bridwell, Michelle, Christopher, Michelle Elzay, Dana Tindall, John Fisher, Joe Eason and his family, Dave, the Reynolds family, Georgie Santos, Terry, Vicki Nash, Carolyn Goodman,Kim Chaires, Linda Saunders, Goldie Nolte, Bill Winbourne, Tiyanna, Sylvia, and David Alter.


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