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September Birthdays!

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in September! We wish you a very happy birthday!

1st: Jennifer Warren

2nd: Don Collins, Tracy Gore, Joe Sterba and Abigail VanDenBerg

3rd: Dave Macaulay and Jody Mask

4th: Richard Howe

6th: Eliza Shaffer

8th: Liz Doyle and Helena Oakley

9th: Rita Reid

10th: Mark McCain

11th: Leslie Pliz

12th: Mark Frutchey and Betty Tolle

13th: Lee Wendorf and Jennifer Jonas

15th: Beverly Snyder

17th: Bill Avery and Christina Sparks

19th: Phil Fry

21st: Dena Anderton and Jill Cohen

24th: Cole Weinstein

25th: Jacque Davis

27th: Robert Jones

28th: Jim Esch and Susan Covington

30th: Sharon Morrison and Marcia Veit


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