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October Birthdays!

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in October! We wish you a very happy birthday!

2nd: Jeff Flowers

3rd: Heidi Astacio

5th: Mary Scott

6th: Mary Louise Wells and Lauren Horner

7th: Amy Wenger

8th: Dave Collins

9th: Laurie Rodriguez and Chase Maxwell

10th: Marcelle Hobbs

11th: Betty Cheek

12th: Bill Schnebel, Shirl Clark and Mary Lou Kain

13th: Ted Veit, Carol Avery and Cindy Barber

16th: Brett Blackadar

20th: Michael Gore and Marvelle Boggess

22nd: Katie Breaux, Jackie Green and Stefon Eickhoff

23rd: Cara Mortimer

24th: Liz Berry, Stephanie Johnson, David Lane and Jill Weinstein

25th: Beth Ruta, Carol McKinley and Sarah O'Linn

26th: Susan Sullivan, Carrie Ribnikar and Trudy McIntyre

28th: Peter Capano

29th: Diana Gallagher

31st: Scott Davis



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