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March Birthdays!

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in March! We wish you a very happy birthday!

3rd: Linda Adkins

4th: Marjie McDonough, Jill Clontz and Sharon Kraszewski

6th: Goldie Nolte Elizabeth Meyers and Marlee Altizer

7th: Jeff Matthews and Michelle Rauktis

8th: Joanne Judy and Scott Maxwell

9th: Suzanne MacFarland and Geoff Crankshaw

11th: Lisa Aldrich

12th: Daniel Warren

13th: Lawrence Perry

14th: Gladys Massett

15th: Janet Roumpz

18th: Betty Gilleland and Konnor Oelfke

19th: Helen Lamont and Megan Collins

20th: Trish Miller

21st: Marilyn Meyer and William Ellis

22nd: Nancy Marquis

24th: Amy Chadbourne

25th: Patty Estes

26th: Anita Raike

27th: Bud Raike and Sue Kennedy

28th: Kristin Adkins and Emma Bishop



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