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Coverage for the Pastors

Megan and Dave are traveling June 3-22, returning on June 24. Jonathan and Vanessa are also traveling June 17-21 for the youth trip. Here are leaders to contact during this time:

Worship: Jim Esch will be preaching and can be asked to make announcements. Bulletins will be preprinted and left in the mailroom, separated by worship date. Slides will be prepared in advance. Jorge Urban can be asked about sound or slides. Vanessa Urban is a great resource for general questions.

Pastoral Care: For congregational care, reach out to Marjie McDonough (Our Care Coordinator) or Annette Schnebel(Ruling Elder and Deacon Moderator). Marjie will be traveling June 13 - 18.

Property: For property issues, talk to Jonathan McKinney and Matthew Rammig (our new facility manager) or Wayne Marquis, chair of property.

Finance: For general financial questions, contact Bill Schnebel, chair of the Finance Committee. For questions about bills and payroll, contact Lynn Hupp or Lisa Brown.

Communication: Church bulletins, emails and social media posts will be created and scheduled in advance. If there is an urgent communication need (such as a death in the congregation or prayer list update), contact Vanessa Urban.

Personnel:  If there is an urgent personnel issue, contact Melanie Stein, chair of the personnel committee.

Building use and general inquiries: Email to reserve space in the church building, request calendar information, or for other general inquiries.

If there is an emergency or a death in the congregation, please contact Vanessa Urban to reach out to Megan and Dave. They are traveling internationally but can be reached.

Jim Esch, Worship: 321-277-5895

Vanessa Urban: 407-509-9732

Annette Schnebel, Elder and Deacon Moderator: 321-331-0271

Marjie McDonough, Care Coordinator: 407-312-7407

Jonathan McKinney: 407-963-6622

Matthew Rammig, Facility Manager:

Bill Schnebel, Chair of Finance: and 407-310-5652

Room Reservations:

Melanie Stein, Chair of Personnel:

Lynn Hupp, Financial Assistant:

Lisa Brown, Preschool and Payroll: and 407-334-2825

Wayne Marquis, Property Chair: 407-415-4057



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