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Maitland Pres Q & A: Tim and Carol Davis

  • Tell us a little about your background

Tim was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1958. I lived in Cleveland until 1980 and moved to Florida after graduating from the University of Akron. I was an electrical engineer for 37 years and still do some part time consulting but am retiring more and more. I had an older brother who had five children. I was briefly married in the 1980s and became a certified bachelor until I married Carol. Carol was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1960. My mom, dad, and sister moved a lot. I lived in 7 states by the age of 7 when she settled in Winter Park.

After graduating from UF in 1982, working various jobs in electronics distribution. I got married in 1987 and have two beautiful children. After my divorce in 1997, I changed careers and became a Pre K teacher at the JCC. I have the pleasure of working as a substitute teacher at Dommerich and Lake Sybelia Elementary schools for the past 18 years.

  • If a couple, where and when did you first meet one another?

We first met in 1995. Carol was in outside sales calling on engineers and met Tim thru work. She was married at the time. We reconnected in 1998 and would go out skiing with a group of friends and Carol always brought Brianna & Evan. We were married in April 22 of 2000 in the Maitland Presbyterian Church Chapel by Dr. Richard Meyer and became a happy family.

  • What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Tim's is physical fitness, woodworking, tinkering, cooking, and making things better. Carol loves to express her artistic creativity through gardening, painting and renewing antiques. I also nurture monarch caterpillers into butterflies and garden. Together we volunteer at IDignity and enjoy walking & hiking. We spend as much time as possible in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

  • What might someone be surprised to learn about you?

Tim holds a patent for a handheld landmine detection system. Carol first job was dancing in the Walt Disney parades and the character Chip (& Dale) at age 16

  • Why do you choose to attend Maitland Pres?

Tim- Openly accepting and teaching the ways of Jesus. Carol brought Brianna & Evan to Open Hearts, divorce group. Met Lynn Hupp & others. Met the Taylors through the boys soccer team & they invited us to church. We joined their couples small group with the Horners. We came back to MPC after 12 years away. We came on a Christmas eve and enjoyed the service and reconnecting with old friends. It feels like Home.

  • How long have you been a member of Maitland Pres?

22 years. First joined in 1998-2005 then returned Christmas Eve 2017-present

  • How do you feel that Maitland Pres makes an impact in the community?

Living out the church motto: Loving Like Jesus

  • What ways are you involved with the church?

Carol- The first time, Open Hearts Divorce Ministry leader, Wyldlife leader, HS leader, VBS, Children's choir, 8th grade Plunge (3 yrs), Women's Bible studies & retreats, Southwind Camp, Both The Living Room, Habitat for Humanity, Couples small group, Wyldlife This time we have been active in the outreach service projects, Game Nights, Yoga from home, making signs, practicing disciplines from home, Valentines dinner for the Language Learning Center & IDignity.

What is a scripture you love or frequently return to and why?

Matthew 17:20 ...Faith...Nothing will be impossible for you. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. These are are go to in challenging times. God is active even when your Faith seems small, And You Can do anything with Him.

  • What are some of your personal favorites? App, Food, Color, Animal, Book, Music/Singer

Tim: Spotify, World wide influenced cuisine, Blue, Dog, The Harry Potter book series, 70's Rock with meaningful Lyrics (Queen, Bob Dylan, Jackson Brown, other hidden gems) Carol: Calm, Whatever Tim is cooking me, the Rainbow, Cats & deer (my spirit animal), A Bird on Water Street (about our home area in N. Georgia) & Harry Potter series, Jason Mraz (positivity songs in all genre') We are listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama & really enjoy it (thanks Ami)


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