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Testimony: Bill and Sheila Oelfke

We truly appreciate all of the stewardship that's happening at Maitland Pres! Here is Scott and Cyndee Maxwell reflecting on their time here at the church.

What made Maitland Pres a home for you guys?

Both of us found in a place where we could grow spiritually both in worship and in service. I found the people to be warm and welcoming.We enjoyed the sermons delivered by the minister at that time, Ray Woody. It just seemed like home.

Out of these three words, refuge, hospitality and belonging, which one stands out the most? We had just come here. This was the beginning for us both in terms of a new home and new work. We were a young couple just starting out. Our family was at a distance in Missouri and in Texas and so this church became a refuge in that time for us. It was a place where we basically made friends with everyone in the church and they became the family. We shared our joys, we shared our sorrows. In fact, this church was so much of a home that over the years Bill took two sabbaticals, one to LSU in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the other to Dartmouth in New Hampshire. It was a wonderful experience and our children got a lot out of it. But I missed this church more than anything else.

Is there one person who helped you feel more at home and why?

When we first joined it was Joyce, who was the choir director. She was just full of joy, and the joy came out in in the music that we performed. Early on I also joined a circle. There were a number of women about my age with children about the age of our children. To this day, some of our best friends are members of that circle almost 50 years ago. Why is it important to give?

We both consider our pledge each year as an investment, a spiritual investment both in our own lives and in the lives of others. An investment, by the way that it always pays and is guaranteed to pay spiritual dividends. I just think of the number of programs over the years that this church offered to our two children and I think that was extremely important. I will be eternally grateful to this church for the wisdom and guidance they gave to our children.


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