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Congregational Safety Plan

Congregational Safety Plan

Phases Toward Reopening

Approved by the Session of Maitland Presbyterian Church on June 16. 2020

Red: Online Only

• All church programs and activities are online

• Church campus is closed to all programs

Orange: Outside Only

• Begins with small groups of children and youth

• Progresses to outdoor worship services

• Masks and social distancing required

• Other groups can request space in the Family Life Center on weekdays only

Yellow: Limited Inside

• Worship services offered indoors and outdoors

• Social distancing and masks required

• Church groups under 15 in main building

• All other groups in FLC only

• Communion resumes in individual packs 

Green: Normal Operations

• Full operation of church campus resumes

• All music programs resume

• No masks or social distancing required

• Hospitality and open office hours resume

  • Until the green phase, there will be no hospitality, group singing, bulletins, passed offering plates, or greeting time.

  • Professional sanitization of the building will occur in all phases.

  • The session will determine the timing for each phase. 

  • Members and guests are asked to stay home if they are feeling ill and report any cases of the COVID virus to the staff.

  • All online content will continue during all phases so that those who stay at home may still participate


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