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Commitment | Maitland Pres Fam

This month in Sunday School we are talking about commitment. We will be focusing on creating a plan and putting that plan into practice. The example we are using is running a 5k race. Every athlete needs a training plan to be successful!

We will be using that same principle in building our relationship with God. We need to practice. We need to guide our children in developing good habits and a strong connection with God. To read more check out this great article, “How to Help Your Kids Develop Good Habits.”

One of the steps the author suggests is being a model for that good behavior. Our kids watch and mimic everything we do. If we want our kids to have good habits that help them grow in their relationship with God, then we need to model those habits.

I know building a new habit isn’t an easy task. In fact, according to Psychology Today, it can take a person an average of 66 days to form a new habit. Personally, whether I’m trying to drink more water or trying to exercise more, I like to have tools that encourage me and remind me of the task.

When it comes to growing my relationship with God a tool I like to use is the YouVersion app. It sends me a ‘Verse of the Day,’ which is my daily reminder to spend some time in God’s word. The YouVersion app also has a great guided prayer series that helps you center yourself and gives you prompts to help direct your prayers. You can even create your own prayer lists for a multitude of things.

Developing new habits is hard, but with a little practice they can become routine. When our kids see us making an effort to grow in our relationship with Jesus, they too will learn how important it is to have a relationship with Him.



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