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Get To Know Our Members! Maitland Pres Q & A

Let's get to know our members a little better at Maitland Presbyterian Church! Today we will meet Scott and Cyndee Maxwell.

  • Tell us a little about your background

We are North Carolina natives who moved to Orlando 22 years ago when I (Scott) got a job with the Orlando Sentinel. I started as a beat reporter for the paper and am now an opinion columnist. Cyndee is a pharmacist with the VA. Obviously, Cyndee is the more respected half of this relationship.

  • If a couple, where and when did you first meet one another?

We met in college at UNC-Chapel Hill – at a hoedown, in fact. I’m not sure we have ever square-danced since.

  • What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Cyndee is a voracious reader, at least a book a week, often more. I like seeing movies in the theater. And we both like to exercise a lot. We’re about to have a more time to do all of that when our second – and final – child heads off to college.

  • What might someone be surprised to learn about you?

I was once the answer for a question on Jeopardy! (“Columnist Scott Maxwell stands guard for this Orlando paper.” The question was worth $1,000. And the contestant who buzzed in got it right.) Cyndee is more than just a pharmacist. She’s in charge of the VA’s controlled-substance program, meaning she keeps tabs on the hospital system’s narcotics.

  • Why do you choose to attend Maitland Pres?

We visited a lot of churches when we arrived in Central Florida in 1998. Maitland was the place that felt the most welcoming.

  • How long have you been a member of Maitland Pres?

22 years.

  • How do you feel that  Maitland Pres makes an impact in the community?

Megan and David do a great and job of pushing our congregation to get outside our bubbles – both our personal bubbles of comfort and our geographic bubbles at the church complex – to encourage us to be better neighbors and better disciples.

  • What ways are you involved with the church?

I’ve been an elder, chair of the stewardship committee and member of the youth committee. Cyndee is an elder right now. And we’ve both been Sunday School teachers for 1st and 2nd grade. (That happened before we had children when Mary Kay Collins cheerily asked us one day: “Do you two like children?” We responded: “Um … sure.” Mary Kay said: “Great, you’ll be teaching First Grade this year.” I think you call that being volun-told. But we were happy to do so.)

  • Give us some of your personal favorites:

    • App – Cyndee likes Candy Crush. I like Amazon Prime

    • Food – Hamburgers and buffalo wings

    • Animal – Dogs. Also, we have no dogs. We have 2 cats. (Blame our children.) I am also determined to see whale sharks in person before I die.

    • Music genre, band or singer – Jimmy Buffett


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