Happy Birthday!

Updated: May 1

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in May! We wish you a very happy birthday!

1st: Stewart Jones

2nd: Sue Bridwell

3rd: Betty Hastings and Alice Theall

4th: Joe McKinney and Dana Tindall

5th: Carol House

7th: Bob Kimbrel and Max Weinstein

8th: Nan Mann

10th: Gilbert Adkins, Dave Anderton and Beth Michetti

11th: Rosemary Jonas

14th: Lou Bauerle, Jon Clontz and Olivia O'Linn

15th: Andre Diaz

16th: Grace Gore

20th: Pete Taulbee

21st: Fred Hastings, Charles Sterba, Matthew Wilkinson and Robert Ward

22: Bob Reid and Bob Joyce

25th: Sarah House

26th: Rick Taylor

28th: Jeff Jontz and Bill Oelfke

29th: Sharyn Jontz, Robin Creamer and Matthew Astone


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