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Give Yourself Some Grace | Maitland Pres Fam

We've said it before: parenting is hard. It's a tough, sometimes heart wrenching journey. Along the way we make mistakes. We aren't perfect, it's going to happen. Maybe you yelled at your daughter for something that didn't really warrant your reaction. Or you should have put down that thing you were working on to spend a few minutes listening to your son tell you about that video game you know nothing about. These are just a few examples of the things that we can regret as parents.

Heading into Easter we are reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. We are reminded that through that sacrifice we are given grace for all that we have done wrong. We are reminded that through Jesus all things are made new. What if we extended some of that grace to ourselves this week? You are raising humans. It's no easy task. You will make mistakes, but tomorrow is a new day! No matter how old your child/children are, it's never too late to start again!


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