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Prayer List Updates

The Church is in the process of updating the prayer list. In order to maintain an active prayer list the church must have several items of information.

1. The name of the person to be prayed for.

  • This is the information that will be printed.

2. The specific prayer request.

  • (This information will be available upon request, if authorized.)

3. The name and contact information of the person making the request.

  • This information is the only way the Church is able to keep the request current.

Once the prayer name is submitted the contact person will be called monthly by the church to keep the prayer active. If the contact person is not available, the name will be removed after 2 months.

The current person responsible for updating and maintaining the prayer list is Marjie McDonough @ 407-312-7407. She will make every effort to see that the list remains active. She will maintain contact with our communication staff member Antoine Hart, who is responsible for the publication.

The new and updated list will be published on the first Sunday in August 2022. Please make an effort to contact Marjie before Monday, July 31, 2022 if you wish to have your name remain on the current list.


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