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A letter from member Bev Reponen to you

Hello Church! Below you will find a letter written to you from church member Bev Reponen. Bev has been a member of Maitland Presbyterian for a long time and looks forward to seeing you soon!


"Last Sunday I got up and decided it would be my second day back to church. I curled my hair and I put on a dress I had not worn in over a year. My car had not been out of the garage on a Sunday in many months. I was happy to see several cars in the parking lot for the nine o'clock service. I totally enjoyed the service and it warmed my heart to be back in God's house. I was greatly saddened to be sitting alone in "my" pew, a pew formerly occupied for most every Sunday by my friends, Dolores, Carol, Jackie and Charlie, and Liz. I looked around and there were some scattered about but where were the rest of you? We could sing again. We could talk to God together by reciting the Lord's prayer. We should want to shout for joy that the virus didn't ruin more time for us to love on each other. We are free to live our life with our fellow members. Those in attendance could feel God's love and support. Our ministers had done so much to keep the church alive for us over the months of lost dreams and hopes that life would return to normal. Many of you have been praying that time would be brought back to "normal" soon. We can have a normal service again and we all should be thankful this awful situation is getting better and we are allowed to help change many church things back to "near normal." So, where will you be this Sunday at 9 AM? I hope you will come and attend church with me. I will be looking for you. Please don't miss the service and the joy you will feel being greeted by many of your fellow members in God's house. If you are coming alone, please come sit with me." Sincerely, Bev Reponen


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