Happy Birthday!

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in July! We wish you a very happy birthday!

1st: Jorge Urgan, Bob O'Linn and William Rencher

2nd: Sallie Belperche

3rd: Sandra Frutchey, Ginny LLiffe, Jonathan McKinney, Gene Morrison and Jack Strykul

4th: Ami McCall

5th: Terry Vaughan

7th: Nick McAlpin

11th: Kathleen Steffen

12th: Carol Hadley and Will VanDenBerg

13th: Channah Weinstein

16th: Tyler Miller

18th: Frances Williamson, Scott Horn and Eunice Hopkins

19th: Mike Joiner, Christine Wilson and Elmarie Mortimer

20th: John Williamson and Carol Palmer

21st: Kelly Strykul

22nd: Jayne Marlow

23rd: Dana Adkinson

24th: Arny Yeazell

25th: Bev Reponen and Jenny Oelfke

27th: Phillip Inbody

28th: Jon Bolander and Ashley Breaux

29th: David Green

30th: Cyndee Maxwell

31st: Donna Joiner and Tom Harrison


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