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January Birthdays!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in January! We wish you a very happy birthday!

1st: Brenda Coppinger

4th: Susan Creech

5th: Brody Urban

7th: Jeremy Strykul

9th: Terry Lilling

10th: Carol Davis, Jackie Sterba, Pat Schaper

12th: Dan Ribnikar

13th: Gerrie Santos

14th: Brenda Jelks

17th: Grady Stein

18th: Doug Child, Beau Sparks

19th: Charlie Davis

21st: Markey Frutchey, Cherly Anderson, Judith Brown

23rd: Kristin Osorio

24th: Colleen Lilling

26th: Lauren Bolander, Taylor Garner

27th: Cherly Altizer

29th: Jan Kiser

31st: Kay Ellis


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