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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

So I was randomly browsing on YouTube one day when I discovered this short film called “God Is Speaking” by Joseph The Dreamer. While watching this video, it reminded me how easily we can get distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We can get too preoccupied by whatever we are doing, that we don’t even pay attention when God is clearly speaking to us. This also reminded me of a time when I was working a late night photography gig In Downtown Orlando.

I was walking down the sidewalk and other people were walking as well; not many but a few. But one person definitely stood out from the rest. Have you ever felt that someone was watching you? Well, this was definitely that feeling. So I was on one side of the street and the guy was on the other side. I started to walk faster because I knew he was watching me. He also started to speed up his pace as well. Through my peripheral vision, I saw that he started to make his way over to my side of the street. Getting worried, I crossed over to the other side of the street so he wouldn’t be near or behind me. I made a right turn going towards the outdoor parking lot and he kept going straight. Nevertheless, I made sure to keep watching him until he left my eyesight.

I got in my car but didn’t start it or drive away yet. I was too busy browsing thru my phone on Facebook and Instagram; I was distracted. But something told me to get off the phone and look up. And what did I see? It was the same guy about 10 feet away from my car aggressively walking fast straight towards me. I immediately turned my car on as fast as I could and attempted to drive off. But, I was in parked, so my engine revved really loudly. This seemed to scare the guy and he did an awkward wave and turned in the opposite direction.

I believe the something that told me to look up was God speaking to me. If I hadn't listened, who knows what would’ve happened that night. God speaks to us in many ways. The question is, are listening or are you too distracted to pay attention?

Antoine Hart



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