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Comic Artwork Combine with The Bible = Awesomeness

If you love comics, illustrations, or art, then this blog post is definitely for you. I’ve always been a huge fan of comic books. So when I stumbled upon The Action Bible and The Kingstone Bible, I was more than ecstatic to purchase them.

The Action Bible

The Action Bible is a condensed version of the Bible in comic book form. This Bible pairs verses together with incredible artwork and illustrations. From Genesis all the way to Revelation, this Bible helps kids and adults understand the verses a little easier. The Action Bible isn’t meant to replace The Bible, it’s more like a supplement; it’s great to read along with the full Bible to understand the scriptures in context. The Action Bible is about 800 pages.

The Kingstone Bible

Now if you’re looking for a comic book Bible with more details and more artwork, The Kingstone Bible is also a must have as well. This Bible has 3 Volumes , with a total of 2096 pages and about 10,000 comic art panels combined! The awesome thing about the company that created this comic Bible( Kingstone Media Group) is that they also produced mini animation clips and other faith based comics, such as the story of Martin Luther, who had a huge impact on the Catholic faith.

The Kingstone Bible: Book of Exodus

Both The Action Bible and The Kingstone Bible will appease any child or even adult, such as myself, that has a passion for comics and a passion for learning about the Bible. As stated before, these comic book Bibles aren’t meant to replace the full Bible, but it is great to read along with it.



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