Happy Birthday!

Updated: Jul 26

Join us in celebrating with these Maitland Presbyterian Church members in August! We wish you a very happy birthday!

1st: Mary Ann Garner, Marcia Brown and Esther Scott

2nd: Sharon Tatum

3rd: June Evans and Dottie Poole

4th: Michael McAlpin and Lisa Reineck

5th: George MacKay

6th: Milena Zaleckaite

8th: Susan Mayton

9th: Jimmy Wilson

10th: Carol Blevins

11th: Rick Davis, Laura Northrup and Bradley Gant

12th: Gail Liese, Don Prince and Bruce Mortimer

13th: Grace Bishop

16th: Doris Lowry

17th: Grace Styron and Abigail Blackadar

18th: Randy Singer

19th: Cathy Sterba and Doug Horner

20th: Terry Hadley

22th: Deborah Horn

23th: John McDonough

25th: Craig Joiner and Melissa Stebbins

26th: Lynn Wood

27th: Jim Wilson

28th: Joe Lewis and John Sullivan

31st: Sandy Bishop


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